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    Fruits 水果

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    Bag of Ataulfo Mangos 6 ct

    盒装 6个

    California Fresh Figs Large Plums 李子 4lb

    盒装 4磅

    Del Monte Kandy Canteloupe


    Fitzgeralds Orchards Pink Lady Apples 3 lb

    $10.99 $12.99
    盒装 3磅

    Hass Avocado Bag 牛油果 6ct

    These Haas Avocados are freshly picked and conveniently bagged.

    Key Limes 青柠檬5 lb

    $6.09 $6.99
    袋装 5磅

    Lemon 柠檬 5 lbs


    Naturipe Farms Organic Blueberries

    有机蓝莓 18oz

    Navel Oranges (Bag) 袋装橙


    Organic Fuji Apples 有机富士苹果

    $18.29 $20.99

    Premium Quality Kiwi 猕猴桃 4 lb

    盒装 4lb

    Produce Organic Strawberries 有机草莓

    32oz In Season Strawberries are in season right now! Strawberries are typically in season between the months of March and November.

    Raspberries 树莓 6oz


    Red Delicious Apples, Bag 10 lb

    红苹果 袋装 10磅

    Strawberries 16 oz


    APPLE PEARS 3.5lb/pack

    NET WT:3.5LBS

    Bag of Organic Bananas

    NET WT:3 LBS


    NET WT:18 OZ(510g)

    Fruits 水果

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