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    Dandy Celery Sticks 芹菜杆/包

    NET:2.5 LB
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    Bag of Organic Bananas

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    Organic romaine Hearts

    5 ct

    Hass Avocado Bag 牛油果 6ct

    These Haas Avocados are freshly picked and conveniently bagged.

    Kirkland Signature Premium Bottled Drinking Water

    NET:40*16.9 fl oz

    Deer Park Spring Water

    NET:40*16.9 fl oz

    California Fresh Figs Large Plums 李子 4lb

    盒装 4磅

    Morey's Wilk Alaskan Marinated Salmon

    NET WT:6/6 OZ (2.25 LBS)